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Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival (SHAFF) is an annual competition for filmmakers in the charming city of peace "Sharm El Sheikh". SHAFF is organized by Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts with the contribution of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture & South Sinai Governorate, as well as, other public and private organizations in Egypt and Europe.



Festival Team

High Committee Of The Festival

Dr. Magda Wassef

Youssef Sherif Rizkallah

Gamal Zayda

Wadid Shokri

Magda Maurice

Daoud Abd EL-sayed

Fahmy Fouad



Noon Foundation for Culture & Arts

Is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity under the number 9024 for the year 2011, It is the result of the efforts of a group of workers in the field of culture and media in Egypt. Its activities aim to open channels of exchange in all cultural and artistic fields between Egypt and the world , And seeks to disseminate better knowledge of the other through the organization of cultural and cinematic events periodically, whether in Egypt or in different countries of the world.



Festival President:  Gamal Zayda

Executive Director: Wadid Shokry

Artistic Director:  Ossama Abd El-fattah

Deputy of Artistic Director: Jihan Abd EL- latif

Press Office: Enjy Samir

Media Office & International Press: Fadi Ghali

Catalogue Editor: Rami El- metwally

Poster, Catatlogue & Publications concept & Design: Dr. Essam El- Mallah

Prodction Manager: Samy M. Ali

Legal Accountant: Fahmy Fouad

Guest Department: Marwa Abou Eish

                                        Mariem Abdallah

Marketing Advisor: Dr. Mohammed Fouad

Festival President Assistants: Abeer Soliman

Executive Director Assistant: Malak Ismail

Executive Secretary: Heba Heikal

Screening Technical Team: Eng. Ezz El Din Ghoniem

                                        Eng. Hany Nassif

Web Developement: