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Samir Sabri

Famos Actor Samir Sabri was born in Alexandria, Egypt and studied at Victoria College and the faculty of Arts, English Department,

before going to Oxford University where he studied Shakespearean Drama.

His fluency in a number of foreign languages encouraged Amal Fathi, head of Middle East Radio at that time,

 to adopt him and give him the chance to present his fsmous programme The International Club on Egyptian Television.

He first appeared in cenima was with Abdel Halim Hafez in Love Story (Hekayet Hob).

Later, director Hasan El Emam gave him some small roles, before he was lainched into main roles in A Girl Among Girls (Bent Mn El Banat) in 1968,

My Story with Life (Hekayti Ma'a El- Zaman) in 1973, Have Pity on Your Parents (Wa Bel- Waledayen Ehasanan) in 1976.

Samir Sabri produced about 16 films such Hello Captain (Ahlan ya Kabtin) in 1978.

He is famous for his musical films and the songs and shows in

his other films.