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العنوان إنجليزي

Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson



معلومات أنجليزي

2017| Fic |90 Min| Morocco




Patrick Makin




Patrick Makin




Adam Lincoln




Ben King, Dan Lincoln, Glenn Rainton, Bobby Sheikh




Alexander Perkins, Edyta Budnik, Zara Symes, Gary Heasman




Patrick Makin, Celine Palavioux




Jellyfish Films 




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Patrick Makin

After studying Arabic & Islamic Studies at university, He joined Unilever Export. Unable to be “passionate about soap”, he headed to Yemen where he became a foreign correspondent in the country’s civil war. He then decided that he preferred fiction to fact and returned to the UK to be a writer. Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson is his directorial debut.




Stuck with a crazy boss, a jealous girlfriend, and a pushy father, Toby Simpson spends his life thinking of everyone else but himself. On his birthday things take a turn for a worse when his train home is cancelled and he finds himself on a coach full of young people going to the local music festival. At first it isn’t so bad as he finds himself sitting next to a friendly Czech girl, Renata. But then he is pickpocketed. Fuming, he heads into the festival with the girl, determined to find the thief.