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forty five years of marriage is an impressive anniversary. Barbara and Zdzisław could be proud of themselves if not for the fact that the husband left the wife for his lover eight years ago.

But now they are together again, although Barbara claims that if it were not for his infirm legs, Zdzisław would still be chasing skirts around Kraków.


Poland/ Doc/ 2016/ 18 min

Director: Zofia Kowalewska

Producer: Studio Munk

Scriptwriter: Zofia Kowalewska

Director of photography: Weronika Bilska

Editor: Jerzy Zawadzki



Zofia Kowalewska

close director

Born in Krakow in 1995 and a graduate of International Baccalaureate Programme IB at the Stefan Batory No. 2 High School in Warsaw, Zofia Kowalewska is now studying directing at the Łódź Film School. It was during her final year at high school that she began working on “Close ties”. To date, she has made two films during her studies, “Miśka”, a feature étude and a documentary entitled “Darling”.