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Wandering around at her wedding, a bride is treated by those she passes like just another guest. In this surrealist setting, her only bearing is the figure of her father, and even they have a strange relationship.



Spain/ Fic/ 2016/ 10 min

Director: Pau Cruanyes & Gerard Vidal

Producer: Sara Onsins, Eudald Valdivieso

Scriptwriter: Pau Cruanyes, Clara Mata, Sebastià Rambla, Gerard Vidal

Director of photography: Eric de Pablos

Editor: Ànnia Gabarró, Arnau Romaní, Clara Mata

Music: Xalan

Cast: Mar Pawlowsky, Antoni Meler



Pau Cruanyes & Gerard Vidal:


Pau Cruanyes Garrell and Gerard Vidal Barrena are two directors who met at University. Nowadays they’re taking the fourth year of the Audiovisual Communication degree. During these years they’re been doing some little projects and shorts together. They directed together the shortfilm “No ets tu, sóc jo” and recently they co-directed “Celebració”, that has been nominated by the 64 edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival in the section International Film Students Meeting.