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Blueberry Spirits is a poetic documentary about a Roma family that spends its summers in the Latvian forests,picking berries to make a living.While harvesting the fruits of the forest,

 they reflect on their identity as a group by sharing ghost stories.

Latvia/ Doc/ 2016/ 13 min

Director: Astra Zoldnere

Producer: Kaspars Brakis

Scriptwriter: Ron Rosenberg

Director of photography: Kaspars Brakis

Editor: Astrida Konstante

Music: Jan Schöwer




Astra Zoldnere


Astra Zoldnere is a Latvian film director. In her line of work practical and theoretical aspects of film interact with each other. Astra holds an MA degree in film directing from Baltic Film and Media School. Her shorts „Treasures of the Sea” (2013) have been shown in many film festivals and have received some prizes.