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What is the biggest danger Europe faces: the crisis on its borders, or its own paranoia and fear?

Our protagonist drives to work,

 she passes the refugee tent city in the park. She means them no

harm; they mean her no harm. So why, when their paths intersect, do things go catastrophically wrong?



 Slovenia/ Fic/ 2016/ 15 min

Director: Žiga Virc                                                                                                                                                

Producer: Bostjan Virc 

Scriptwriter:  Žiga Virc, Boštjan Virc

Director of photography:  Darko Herič, ZFS

Editor: Vladimir Gojun 

Music: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar

Cast: Nina Rakovec, Jernej Campelj




Žiga Virc


Film   and   television   director   Žiga   Virc   (b.   1987)   graduated   from   the   Academy   of   Theatre,   Radio   and  Television   in   Ljubljana,   Slovenia.   He   was   voted   finalist   for   best   foreign   short   film   for   the   Student   Academy  Awards   in   2010,   for   his   short   film   Trieste   Is   Ours!   Virc   has   directed   numerous   commercials,   documentary and fiction films, for which   he   has   received   numerous   awards.