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It follows the adventures of a professional symphony musician, Peter, who comes to a small town to see a friend he has missed, Bambas. He is a teacher and performer at funerals. The two meet again and get involved in some comic exploits, including a possible symphony concert.


Czechoslovakia/ Fic/ 1965/ 71 min

Director: Ivan Passer

Scriptwriter: Jaroslav Papousek, Ivan Passer, Václav Sasek

Director of photography: Miroslav Ondrícek, Josef Strecha

Editor: Jirina Lukesová

Music: Josef Hart, Oldrich Korte

Cast: Zdeněk Bezušek, Karel Blažek, Miroslav Cvrk



Ivan Passer

Ivan Passer (born 1933) is a Czech film director and screenwriter. He is a significant figure in the Czech New Wave. Passer worked closely with Miloš Forman on many of his films, and directed his first feature "Intimate Lighting" in 1965. Following the Soviet invasion in 1968, Passer moved first to Western Europe, at the invitation of Carlo Ponti, and then to the US. He has made numbers of films such as Born to Win (1971) and Cutter’s Way (1981), one of the best film noirs of the 1980s. In the year 2008,He received Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.