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“The Firemen’s Ball” tells the story of a volunteer firemen’s ball in a provincial town. The film is a satire on a town under the communist regime, and a parable about a community where one person’s failure can decide the fate of others.


Czechoslovakia/ Fic/ 1967/ 75 min

Director: Miloš Forman

Producer: Rudolf Hájek

Scriptwriter: Miloš Forman, Ivan Passer, Jaroslav Papousek

Director of photography: Miroslav Ondrícek

Editor: Miroslav Hájek

Music: Karel Mares

Cast: Jan Vostrčil, Josef Sebánek, Josef Valnoha



Miloš Forman

Miloš Forman (born 1932) is a Czech film director, screenwriter, actor, and professor, who until 1968 lived and worked primarily in Czechoslovakia. Forman was one of the most important directors of the Czechoslovak New Wave. During the invasion of his country by the troops of the Warsaw pact in the summer of 1968 to stop the Prague spring, he left Europe for the United States. Since Forman left Czechoslovakia, two of his films, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus, have acquired particular renown, both gaining him an Academy Award for Best Director. He has also won Golden Globe, Cannes, Berlinale, BAFTA, Cesar, David di Donatello, European Film Academy, and Czech Lion awards.