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Mohamed Kamel El Kalyoubi


Mohamed Kamel El Kalyoubi is director, writer, historian and scriptwriter was born in 1943 in Cairo, and graduated in 1972 from the Cairo Film Institute. In 1986 he completed a course at the VGIK, the Moscow Film Institute.

He also was the director of the scriptwriting department of the Cairo Film Institute (1987-2006).

He became the president of The Egyptian National Film Centre (ENFC) 1999-2001, and the president of The Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries in 2003. He was also in many juries in international and regional film festivals.

Among the best films he directed are: "Three on the Road" 1993, which was screened in many festivals, "Why Does the Sea Laugh" 1995, and "Adam's autumn," which was Egypt's submission for consideration for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Films in 2002. He also directed numerous documentaries, such as: Mohamed Bayoumi, Legend of Rosa El-Youssef, My name is Mustafa Khamis.
Kaliouby has been searching for the first pioneer of Egyptian cinema, the film director Mohamed Bayoumi for 16 years, he eventually changed the date for the first Egyptian film after he discovered "Barsoum looks for a job- 1923," the first feature film by an Egyptian director.

He founded Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts, which organized the Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival for four editions, which later became Sharm El-Sheikh Arab & European Film Festival, whose first edition will take place from 5 to 11 March, 2017.

 From his work:

1- Mohamed Bayoumi


Egypt/ Doc/ 1989/ 122 min

Director: Mohamed Kamel Kaliouby

Producer: National Institute of Cinema

Scriptwriter: Mohamed Kamel Kaliouby

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Abdel Samie

Editing: Rahma Montaser

Music: Ragueh Dauod


The film director and historian Mohamed El Kaliouby decided to bring Bayoumi’s pioneering contribution in Egyptian film history to the foreground. He carried out extensive research, contacted Bayoumi’s family and conducted interviews with his family and friends. Kaliouby then wrote a book on Bayoumi, and directed and produced this documentary.


2- Three On The Road

Egypt/ Fic/ 1992/ 110 min

Director: Mohamed Kamel El Kaliouby

Producer: Mohsen Allam El Din

Scriptwriter: Mohamed Kamel El Kaliouby

Director of photography: Samir Farag

Editor: Safaa Allithy

Music: Ragueh Dauod

Cast: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Ayda Reyad, Amal Ibrahim, Nader Hasan


Mahmoud the truck driver is on a road trip from Luxor to Cairo , on his way he pick up with him Khalil the child who is running away from his step mother , Taheya who is meeting her friend at Cairo and also two political activists . At the first checkpoint the two activists jump out of the car leaving a suitcase with political leaflets.


3- Why Does the Sea Laugh


Egypt/ Fic/ 1994/ 115 min

Director: Mohamed Kamel El Kaliouby

Scriptwriter: Mohamed Kamel El Kaliouby

Director of photography: Samir Bahzan

Editor: Adel Mounir

Music: Rageh Dauod

Cast: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Nagah El Mogy, Nahla Salama


The accountant Hussein sees life as a sentence. His family, including his wife who has simulated pregnancy for the last ten years, are the ones causing his weltschmerz. His relatives make life difficult for him and his work is also anything but peace and quiet. After a significant dream, the bomb bursts and Hussein flees, without a plan or destination. This changes when he meets Sayed Boss, who shows him another world full of freedom, in which people are spontaneous, impulsive and emotional. Hussein breathes in this new life and fall sin love with Naima, who eats rats. But his old life hasn't forgotten him.