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Nabila Ebeid

Nabila Ebeid was born in Cairo, Egypt. She is an actress and producer, known for The Other (1999), The Woman and the Cleaver (1996) and Mafeesh gher keda (2006). Her film debut came in 1960 with the film “No Agreement” directed by Atif Salem.In 1965, she starred with Omar Sharif in 

The Mamluks, a role which was described as her "first steps to fame". She produced films in which she acted e.g. (And She Fell in the Honey Sea) in 1977.
Nabila Ebeed had got the Best Actress Award in 1979 at the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema on her role in (Investigation is still going on) a film which was the beginning of many awards she had got.
She introduced some important films for the Egyptian cinema like: (The Virgin and the White Hair) in 1983, (The Dancer and The Drummer) in 1984, (The suicide of the Apartment's owner) in 1986, (A Teacher's Assassination) in 1988, and (The Dancer and The Politician) in 1990.
Nabila was a member of the Jury in the 2003 Cairo International Film Festival.

From her famous films

The Belly Dancer and the Politician


Egypt/ Fic/ 1990/ 110 min

Director: Samir Seif

Scriptwriter: Wahid Hamed

Director of photography: Abdel Moneim Bahnasy

Editor: Salwa Bakeir

Music: Mohamed Sultan

Cast: Nabila Ebeid, Salah Kabil, Moustafa Metwaly


Based on a novel by the famous writer Ehsan Abdel Kodous, the film discusses eternal conflict of power and authority, symbolized by the love affair between a politician and a belly dancer, revealing the corruption of a system where it becomes difficult to decide which has more integrity, the politician or the dancer.

Samir Seif

Egyptian film and TV director who rose to prominence in the early 1980s. He was also nominated for the Golden Pyramid Award at the Cairo International Film Festival twice, in 1999 and 2002. His directorial debut came in 1977 with the film Ota Ala Nar. He is also a lecturer on Film Studies at various universities & cultural institutions. He was the President of international jury in the first Luxor International Festival for Egyptian & European Cinema 2012. He is the President of the Egyptian National Film Festival since 2013.